Volcano Bay Review

Volcano Bay Review

Volcano Bay Review

Universal’s Volcano Bay is Orlando’s one-of-a-kind water theme park which excels in providing thrills and a fantastic experience for all. With a tropical style, Volcano Bay successfully immerses guests into the amazing atmosphere centred around a stunning volcano. With the park divided into 4 areas, there is plenty of attractions to choose from as well as multiple restaurants to enjoy delicious cuisine.

The park is powered by Tapu-Tapu devices. These are wristwatch-like devices that are given to you upon entry to the park. They incorporate a virtual queue system which saves you waiting in line and instead can explore the rest of the park while you wait. To get time for a ride, go to the ride and find the Tapu-Tapu stations (opposite the ride) and scan your Tapu-Tapu against the symbol. The wait time will then be displayed on the Tapu-Tapu. When it’s your time, the Tapu-Tapu will vibrate and display “Ride Now”. It’s a new and innovative system that makes a more enjoyable time in the park.

The stand-out attraction is the Krakatau Aqua Coaster, a unique thrill ride, suitable for all. Four-person canoes slide upward through the mists and into the dark twists and turns within the volcano before emerging with a plunge through a shimmering waterfall. Volcano Bay is just full of multiple attractions that secure a thrilling experience but also while being great for the whole family.

The most exhilarating attraction has to be the Kala and Tai Nui Body Slides which flows and plunges you through the volcano, Krakatau. Twin trap doors plunge two guests down clear, intertwining tubes before sending them joyfully splashing into the turquoise waters on the surface. A unique attraction within the park is the Fearless River, a fast-paced, rapids-style lazy river. You can just float along while the rapids project you around the park. The normal lazy river is equally good and more traditional for those who want to relax.

The volcano itself is a stunning sight with smoke piping out the top, establishing an incredibly unique and special experience and atmosphere. Maku & Puihi are multi-person round rafts ride that will get your heart pumping. On Puihi, you float through a dramatic lava-tube path which tests your bravery as you journey into a dark, winding cavern. Suddenly, you feel the stomach-flipping thrill of zero-gravity hang time as you explode out into the far side of an immense funnel, then splash your way to safety at the bottom. 

In front of the Volcano is a scenic wave pool and beach – Waturi Beach. It is suited for everyone and especially great families to enjoy, have fun and relax together. The Tot Tiki Reef is a brilliant interactive area dedicated to younger ages with lots of playful elements for kids to take a break from the thrills. This means younger people can have lots of fun in the shallows of Tot Tiki Reef. They can play among splashy slides and a kid-sized water volcano and spraying fountains.

Volcano Bay is inundated with seating options with tons of free seating and premium seating for a small fee. Cabanas are also available and are catered for those who want a taste of a luxury lifestyle with extreme comfort and personal staff to bring all the things you require. Cabanas also feature a Tapu-Tapu station to get a time to go on a ride without moving from your cabana.

There are a plethora of dining options ranging from pizza to multiple salads. On our visit, we tried the pizzas which were fantastic, fresh and delicious at Whakawaiwai Eats. There are plenty more food options like Savor Island BBQ Chicken Pizza, Tropical Baby Greens salad, Hawaiian Pizza, Specialty Foot-Long Hot Dogs on Pretzel Buns, Jerk Mac & Cheese, fruit and more brilliantly delicious temptations alongside the spectacular river. Treat yourself to flavorful tropical favourites sure to dazzle your palate any time of day.

Express Passes are also available for guests to skip the queues, from $19.99. The photo pass enables you to keep some fantastic memories as you adventure through the park, from $39.99.


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Reactions To Attractions Expert Rating:
  • 9/10
    Entertainment - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Excitement - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Facilities - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Value For Money - 8.5/10


Overall, Volcano Bay is an exceptional water park, one-of-a-kind, and from the minute you enter, you feel this really special atmosphere that evolves into a really fun experience for all. Volcano Bay is the home of relaxation as with the virtual queue system holding your place in the queues while you can go for a lie-down or drift around in the rivers.

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