RHA TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds Review

RHA TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds Review

RHA TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds Review

RHA’s TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds offer the freedom of true wireless listening and crisp audio, in a pair of sleek earbuds. The innovative, modern design and Bluetooth 5 technology maximise their sound quality. You can enjoy music and calls without being tethered to your phone, with their extensive range. The earbuds allow for 5 hours of wireless listening with 20-hours of battery held in the charging case, which is very convenient.
The earbuds fit comfortably and securely in your ears, to feel the bass and high-quality audio. As wireless earphones, not a single wire gets in your way and you have that freedom. Lightweight and compact, they’re supplied with a range of silicone & Comply Foam TrueGrip ear-tips, so you’re able to find the perfect fit. This is a great addition as I have previously found that some earphones don’t fit right and thus I wouldn’t hear the best quality audio. With the TrueConnect Earbuds, this is not the case.
RHA TrueConnect Wireless Earbuds Review
The RHA Charging Case uses a USB-C Cable & holds 20 hours of battery life.
The TrueConnect Earbuds are designed and manufactured to a high standard, with the consumer in mind. With IPX5 sweat, splash & weather-resistance, they withstand serious exercise or prolonged outdoor adventure. The high-bitrate Bluetooth improves audio and call quality, ensuring uninterrupted sound. The TrueConnect’s 6mm dynamic drivers and a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz, they deliver rich and crisp audio.
TrueConnect Earbuds give partial noise-cancellation, reducing ambient sound. This allows you to feel the depth in your music, to be more immersive. The earbuds, however, don’t give full noise-cancellation but are still sufficient. You can pause, skip songs or alter the volume with the tap of an earbud. This is convenient and expands on the freedom that the consumer can have, away from their device. With a good microphone, you can interact with the voice assistant on your smartphone or take a call.
Rivalling competitors, the TrueConnect Earbuds have a 5-hour battery from one charge. The power for an extra four charges (20 hours) is held in the charging case. The case itself is well-made and portable with 3 LEDs, indicating the charge level. The same goes for the earbuds themselves, engineered for comfort and quality audio.
The TrueConnect Earbuds are an outstanding entry to the industry. RHA has considered the consumers’ needs in the creation of the TrueConnect Earbuds. Well-designed and engineered, these are exemplary with great audio & connectivity. Its minimal faults make these a brilliant alternative to AirPods as the industry-leaders.
RHA’s TrueConnect Earbuds are available in Carbon Black, Navy Blue and Cloud White. All colours are sleek and add to the aesthetics of the product.

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The RHA TrueConnect Earbuds but can be found at approx. £80, and at that price, these are more than worth it. When compared with other leading brands, the price is very reasonable. You may find them for even cheaper now as a second-generation is due to launch soon, hence the reduced price.

In The Box:

  • TrueConnect Earbuds
  • TrueConnect Charging Case
  • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
  • Stainless Steel Ear Tip Holder
  • True Wireless Silicone Ear Tips – 2xS, 3xM, 2xL
  • Comply™ Foam TrueGrip Plus ear Tips – 1xS, 1xM, 1xL,
  • 9/10
    Comfort - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Durability - 9.5/10
  • 9/10
    Audio Quality - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Value For Money - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Overall Design - 9.5/10



An outstanding entry into the wireless earphone industry. The TrueConnect Earbuds deliver crisp audio, comfort and convenience.

  • 25 hours combined battery; 5 hours from a single charge
  • Fast-charging: 50% battery in just 15 minutes
  • Sweatproof and weather resistant
  • Bluetooth 5 with stem design for optimum call quality
  • Durable aluminium charging case

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