Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card Review

Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card Review

Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card Review


The Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card is literally your passport for saving lots of dollars. For a great price, you are able to access many discounts across the city including restaurants such as McDonald’s, Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings and much more. The card doesn’t just give you restaurant discounts but also saving on attractions including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Central Park Zoo and multiple tours within the city! Also, you get quite a few discounts on shops like Macy’s, the LEGO Store and the NBA Store. The Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card even provides a discount on show tickets as well, one of the three shows on offer is Chicago The Musical with 30% off tickets.

Valid for 30 days from the first use, it is perfect for a holiday away in New York, giving you plenty of time indulge in savings across the whole city. The card has practicability with it providing for up to 4 people, reinforcing its great value. Over a week a group of 4 could easily save $500, there is a fantastic wide range of restaurants, attractions and shops to fill your vacation with fun while saving lots of dollars simultaneously.

This is a must-have if you’re off to New York, usually with discount cards like these, you can’t use them in that many places, however, this is the opposite with the Eat and Play Card. There is such an extensive range of places to use the card and new locations are being added every year. Some restaurants even include alcohol in the discount, which is an added bonus.

There is also an Eat and Play Card for Orlando with even greater discounts to indulge into.

You can buy your very own Gray Line New York Eat and Play Card by clicking here!

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