The National Museum of Computing Review

The National Museum of Computing Review

The National Museum of Computing Review:

The National Museum of Computing is located on the Bletchley Park estate, near Milton Keynes in the UK.  This attraction offers a guided tour or self-guided tour, we went on the guided tour which was very informative therefore highly recommended by us. The museum shows the development of computers and how big they originally were as well as how the internet was made possible. This interesting museum is divided into many different sections for visitors to explore such as the Colossus gallery and Tunny gallery.

This is a great place for computer and technology enthusiasts but also anyone who is interested in the history behind computers and how they supported the victory of World War II. The Tunny Gallery, as well as the Colossus Gallery, show the lengthy World War II code-breaking process of the Lorenz-encrypted messages (Tunny) from signal intercept at the Knockholt receiving station in Kent to the production of the final decrypts on Tunny machines in Bletchley Park. There is also the WITCH computer which the world’s oldest working digital computer from 1951, and the ongoing reconstruction of the 1949 EDSAC.  The museum also explores different topics like Women in Computing as well as how computers are used in Air Traffic Control also retro arcade machines which you have a go on to take you back to the past!

The National Museum of Computing is full of interesting facts, statistics and figures that will surprise you also I can ensure you this attraction will not leave you disappointed or leave you without knowing a new fact you didn’t know already. If you do visit this amazing attraction then we would recommend you take a guided tour as I feel without it you wouldn’t learn as much. Another great feature of this museum is that all areas are highly accessible to wheelchair users. Admission prices are very affordable considering what information you receive during your time there. Prices can be seen below:

-Entrance to the full museum is £7.50 per person (£5.00 concessions*).

-Family tickets (2 adults and up to 3 children) £20.00.

-When the museum is not fully open, entrance to the Colossus Galleries is only £3 (£2 concessions*).

Guided Tour £12.50 (£10.00 concessions*)- Highly recommended!

*Concessions prices are for those aged 60 and over, students, children aged 5 to 16. Children under 5 are free.

To get to the museum:

At the main gate of Bletchley Park ask for The National Museum of Computing in Block H. Inside Bletchley Park, beyond the entrance to the Bletchley Park Visitor Centre, turn left and travel up the slope to The National Museum of Computing. There are free parking spaces by The National Museum of Computing entrance.



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The National Museum of Computing is full of interesting facts, statistics and figures that will surprise you. However, we would only recommend this attraction for people with a genuine interest in computers.

Patricia Grainger

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