Honda Honwave T38 – The Perfect Boat

Honda Honwave T38 – The Perfect Boat

Honda Honwave T38 – The Perfect Inflatable Boat

The Honda Honwave T38 is perfect, as a convenient and outstanding boat in every way. As staycations become more and more popular due to the current pandemic, inflatable boats are becoming popular to take out on the seas, rivers or lakes during holidays in the UK. The Honda Honwave T38 with the BF20 Engine, as a package, is also perfect for a family with a maximum capacity of 5 adults.

As the Honda Honwave T38 is fully inflatable, with an inflatable floor, it is easy to transport without the need for a trailer. The vibration-dampening floors help to smooth out the roughest rides and its deep-V hull design significantly optimises keel performance and ensures maximum stability at virtually any speed. The hull design incorporates extended rear inflated floor trim pads, for effortless directional agility, responsive helm balance and increased buoyancy allowing higher four-stroke capacity.

The BF20 Engine itself is ideal for most pleasure boats, sailboats, aluminium craft, and smaller inflatable vessels. The BF20 engine provides sufficient power to cruise along with speed, thanks to the 20 HP. The newly designed engine runs quietly and is fuel-efficient. The BF20 is the only engine in its class equipped with a power tilt feature, perfect for effortless engine-tilt operations and shallow water running. Up to mid-rpm ranges, you can actually use this function as a trim to improve your boat performance at higher speeds. The Honda BF20 engine, therefore, pairs perfectly with the Honwave T38, as a great package.

With smoother acceleration and enhanced fuel efficiency, Honda introduces the BF20 with its proven PGM-IG technology, a microprocessor-controlled ignition system that optimises ignition timing at any speed. And for more security, you can rely on Honda’s electronically controlled monitoring system. Already the lightest in their class, each engine is available as a Power Thrust version that boosts torque from low revs using specially designed propeller blades and a high-efficiency gearcase.

Additional Accessories add extra convenience for you, with bags offering secure places to store all your essentials on the boat. You can discover a whole range of accessories from bow bags and seat bags to launching wheels, which all enhance the Honwave Experience.

Why not get yourself a boat? Get the Honda Honwave T38 with the BF20 engine, as an affordable and outstanding boat, that is in every way, exceptional.

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