Disney World’s Epcot Review

Disney World’s Epcot Review

Disney World’s Epcot Review:

Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park is based on an idea that Walt Disney had to build an “experimental prototype community of tomorrow” which is what EPCOT actually stands for. The theme park is divided into the “World Showcase”, where different nations are represented around a large central lake, and “Future World” where technology is taken to the next level with a futuristic approach. This park, therefore, gives this combination of replicated landmarks from around the world and futuristic structures and elements which create a really unique atmosphere.

There are lots of truly memorable and exciting highlights across the whole of Epcot. In the World Showcase, you will first notice the immense theming for each of the nations that surround a lake. For example, the France area especially makes you think you’re actually there with the Eiffel tower to create an immersive experience. Each country has its own entertainment on offer with exclusive restaurants with food from that nation. In the UK section, you can enjoy fish and chips, a classic meal in England. The full list of nations you can visit in the World Showcase include Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK and Canada. Each country has a pavilion and plaza area with shops, restaurants and landmarks relating to the culture of the country.

For families, we recommend The Seas with Nemo & Friends which combines a leisurely ride through the story of Finding Nemo with real-life fish, sharks and turtles in a giant tank. Another family attraction is the boat ride, Frozen Ever After which features Frozen characters like Olaf, Elsa and Anna as they show you Elsa’s Ice palace while singing the much-loved songs from the film. “Spaceship Earth”, which is in the giant landmark ball, is also a fun and interactive experience involving you travelling to space and the future. We thought the No.1 ride was “Test Track”, giving you the thrill of your life with speeds up to 65 MPH as you test your vehicle which you create yourself! Our No.2 ride is Soarin’, an immersive flight simulator that takes you through multiple countries exploring famous landmarks, a one-of-a-kind experienceTest Track Presented by Chevrolet.

If you have to miss any of the Disney parks, do not miss this one because it’s an enjoyable experience and if you stay for IllumiNations on the World Showcase (at 9 pm) then you’re in for a treat. IlluminNations: Reflections of Earth and features a giant globe which travels across the lake with lights, lasers, music and fireworks and fun. Seeing the show is probably the best part of Epcot, so make sure you see it! You’ll need to get a good spot facing the lake for a good view of the show about half an hour before it starts. Although people tend to fill up the spaces closest to the exit first so if you’re in no rush, there’s usually plenty of space around the furthest lands from the entrance like France and the USA.

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth

The opening and closing times of Epcot changes depending on the time of year, but it typically opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm, unless you’re staying at a Disney Hotel because then you can sometimes have extra magic hours which allows you to stay a the park longer than normal. Extra Magic Hours allow you to explore the park while having fewer crowds than normal admission.

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Disney World’s Epcot is a theme park like no other that gives a very unique experience for all guests. The exceptional attractions keep you wanting more as you travel around this fantastic park, it does not fail to impress and is perfect for everyone with a wide range of different attractions.

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